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Stuck in a Rut.

2011-01-24 20:01:21 by WooleyWorld

You know how it is, you get lazy. Let things fall behind.

Well I havn't been productive for the past month save a few comics and storyboard sessions with Tristan on Venezuela II.

I thought I'd bring up the fact that I'm making a short titled "Lava Lamp Blues" (Liable to change).
I hope to finish rather soon but I might say mid-February would be a likely time to expect it.

Just thought I'd keep those who keep up, kept up.

Until next time, Gents.

Joined a collab.

2011-01-02 18:08:19 by WooleyWorld

Yeah so I thought I'd kick things off right and join a collab early on and make a bit for it.

I pretty much finished it I'm just waiting now, Haha.
The Sketch Collab 2011

Oh and Tristan and I are wrtiting Venezuela II for those of you who requested a sequel (All 5 of you...)
It's coming out quite nicely.

Power housing again...

2010-12-21 08:56:40 by WooleyWorld

Well I'm going to make a short toon before Christmas.
And that's about all I have to say.
It's gonna have Russians.

So Merry Christmas.

Alert! New Website!

2010-11-29 23:34:28 by WooleyWorld

I would just like everyone to know that we have a new website up.

Join and become part of the community, it's appreciated.
We need all the support we can get for the animations and we need to build up.

Here's the link, join today!


This'll Be Good.

2010-11-18 20:43:23 by WooleyWorld

I had a thought in the shower the other morning.

It was off of an idea of a cartoon making fun of "Deliverence" ... (or Deliverance) I don't know..
But it would be about me and Tristan stopping at "Bobby Leeroy's Last Convenient Stop" and then get into all kinds of stuff.

Well Im putting pen to paper and getting the story straight then adding laughs then getting down to it.
But this weekend I'll be wrapping up my "Sparta" toon I was just doing for fun.

Hope you guys like waiting.

Hey Hey.

2010-11-02 22:49:47 by WooleyWorld

Due to lack of caring, I've pushed that short to next halloween.

Moving on, Im taking a breather.
Im in the process of this fun little cartoon im working on. Most animation ive done will be in it, Taking it nice and slow.

Just in time to start my Christmas toon is when I should finish.
Push comes to shove ill just put it on hold, finish the christmas toon, come back and wrap it up.

Thanks for caring.

Wow...Power Housing.

2010-10-24 05:30:14 by WooleyWorld

Yeah so I just got finished with my Halloween Special (Go see it if you havn't) and I thought, why not do a quick little somethin while Im bored...
Fast forward 12 hours later 4:30 in the morning... Just finished that short cartoon that became longer...
Adding voices and possibly mouths tommorow, expect it then.

All I can say is wow that was fast. Night.

Im Sweating Bullets...

2010-10-23 00:25:27 by WooleyWorld

Deep breaths...

Okay I finished my halloween special and it's posted, get to it!

At resquest, here:
The Cartoon.

It's been about 5 weeks and my halloween special "Zombiez N' Wool" is pretty much done, just some polishing now. It will be posted this weekend. Expect it tommorow.

Yea I know it's 19 days till Halloween but I like to be early rather than late.
I just finished an hour or two ago on the Special and now i just need to add audio and mouths.
I really need to stop telling people the whole thing because it takes away from first thoughts...

So the only thing I'll tell you is:
There's zombies.
There's Nazis.
There's Easter Eggs. (If I can manage).
It's called Zombies N' Wool.

That's all. Till next time Ladies and Gents.