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It's been about 5 weeks and my halloween special "Zombiez N' Wool" is pretty much done, just some polishing now. It will be posted this weekend. Expect it tommorow.

Yea I know it's 19 days till Halloween but I like to be early rather than late.
I just finished an hour or two ago on the Special and now i just need to add audio and mouths.
I really need to stop telling people the whole thing because it takes away from first thoughts...

So the only thing I'll tell you is:
There's zombies.
There's Nazis.
There's Easter Eggs. (If I can manage).
It's called Zombies N' Wool.

That's all. Till next time Ladies and Gents.

It has ended!

2010-09-26 11:50:35 by WooleyWorld

Well guys, Fable is finally up and running.

Im really glad it's getting alot of positive reviews.
Glad you get the jokes.
Now onto my Halloween special. (Better early than last minute)

Till next time, Gents.

Set Back.

2010-08-31 22:29:46 by WooleyWorld

Sucks but yeah I can't wait forever to fix this cartoon, Im moving on to my next cartoon (Fable III) and coming back to fix G and T go to Venezuela when I have free time.

It is almost here!

2010-08-15 18:13:39 by WooleyWorld

"Grant and Tristan go to Venezuela is almost complete! Just need to add mouths and maybe a little background music.

Bwahaha the end is near!

2010-08-07 01:49:21 by WooleyWorld

What...the end of my cartoon. . .

Yea Im putting the end credits as we speak and will be adding audio soon, which wont take too long. So "Grant and Tristan go to Venezuela" will be released shortly after.

Be patient.

2010-06-02 19:56:39 by WooleyWorld

Yea Yea I'm taking a long time on my new cartoon. But here's why!

- I have a life.
- Summer just started so . . . yea
- I'm getting back on it.
- It's friggin' long.
- I get lazy okay.
- . . . I have a life.

But I'm working on it late again and alot so be patient.

Heres the title.

Be patient.

Audio help people!

2010-05-11 17:27:23 by WooleyWorld

I need help with my audio on my new animation.

It is nice and synced when I play it right from the frames tab but then I go to test the movie and the entire audio is a good few seconds ahead of the video.

It's pissing me off and I have no idea how to fix it so if anyone knows anything, share it.
And yeah it's on stream.

New Discovery!

2010-03-14 16:57:37 by WooleyWorld

I have discovered how to basically work Flash and I am up and running. I can now get more advanced and get down to the part where I mass produce Flash.


2010-03-07 10:49:42 by WooleyWorld

What the honey badger do I post? This?