What if i told you...

2012-12-06 00:21:25 by WooleyWorld

I was very happy with the success of Din's Dance and I'm very pumped about the next animation?
Next animation out by about next week.... maybeh...


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2012-12-06 00:48:22

If it's half as well written as the last one, should be quite the blast!


2012-12-08 16:03:09

You just earned a new fan! XD

WooleyWorld responds:

I do enjoy the fans. :p


2012-12-09 11:04:14

I wouldn't know what to say considering you throw all criticism to the wind and then justify it by saying "YOU ARE CRYIN A RIVER HEHE", so all you can really expect is the same rehashed garbage.

WooleyWorld responds:

Nononono. I throw haters to the wind...
I wasn't sure if you were a hater until I read you were downing Jaxxy and said RicePirate had a bad mic, both of which simply aren't true. They both take pride in their voice-acting and your ignorance to it shows your stance... that of a haters.

Your opinion means nothing to me. Move off. :]


2012-12-09 23:17:56

just seeing if you banned me which you probably did

WooleyWorld responds:

No I won't ban you, man.
But I'll delete the double posts just to keep it cleared.


2012-12-09 23:24:24

Oh ok good now I can continue.
I just said what I thought of Jaxxy. It's my opinion that she isn't a good voice actor. This doesn't imply hate to any extent. Where you would even get that from I have yet to figure out. Also, having a bad microphone is just, well, a fact. How can that even be considered hateful? It's just hard fact that his microphone isn't as high quality as Jaxxy's, so why would that be downing someone? It's not their fault they have a bad mic, but it doesn't change the fact that its bad.

I assume at this point that the hater facade is a cop out to avoid my criticisms. How about just learn from them and improve like an artist should. The point of breaking something down is to rebuild it with better pieces. If everyone tells you that you're good all the time then you might as well just get used to being mediocre.

WooleyWorld responds:

If you find Rice's mic of poor quality you're a poor judge of audio...
Perhaps you were getting it confused with my mic... which is bad.

No, it is no cop out, I just do not give a fuck. :p
Out of that entire animation, only two people out of all the reviewers have given it zero. You and some other dead head who just threw around random trash.
If I looked at all the reviews and saw that most people found it enjoyable but could pick out a few things that need improving then those would be successful reviews. When I see a review with nothing but harsh criticism when the video has a 4.00 and positive reception then I start to tune those haters out...

Honesty, the reason I care so little is because I don't much like the animation myself so you're not hurting my feelings... It's the worst animation I've put out all year but I still am glad people enjoyed it.
Just so people like it, haters don't really matter to me. If it had a negative reception like I expected, then I would be listening to your criticism right now...


2012-12-09 23:24:43

also this keeps posting double and i have no idea why


2012-12-10 22:25:29

First off, there are many things miserably wrong with this line of logic.

Criticism is NOT INTENDED TO HURT YOUR FEELINGS. Criticism has only one purpose, to point out flaws so that they can be fixed to help the author improve, but from that statement alone, its easy to see you really find no difference in criticism and hate, since you can't seem to differentiate between the two. If you can't accept criticism, dont expect to ever improve.

Also, just because a bunch of people like something does not mean its good. Millions of people love Jersey Shore, but EVEN YOU must agree that the show was beyond terrible and no sane individual will miss it. (opinion based point but lets be honest with ourselves) Quality over quantity. The numbers don't mean anything, because roughly 90% of everyone who viewed and voted were the general demographic of newgrounds, barely teens who love anything involving a video game character doing something out of the ordinary, who generally don't know a thing about animation to begin with. This again goes back to being able to accept differing point of views without immediately dismissing them, since generally the bad reviews will come from those who are well versed with animation. I don't make that claim, but I know enough to offer pointers.

"Its the worst animation I've put out all year" That is a cop out. Come on. You can dodge any sort of critique by applying that saying to anything anyone makes. You'll probably argue that it's not a cop out and that it is indeed your true opinion, and being that there is no way to prove each other right I won't continue this further.

Your definition of a successful review is far from right. If someone needs to find it enjoyable to be able to pick out the flaws that brought it down, then you've essentially said someone needs to at the very least, pretend to like it in order to offer you any insight as to what you did wrong and how you can improve. This means their opinion would have to match yours, which destroys the purpose of reviewing in the first place.

All this basically boils down to is a criticism of, well, you. I don't know anything about you, with the exception of one simple thing. You do not take well to differing view points. All these ridiculous exchanges are the result of that. If you intend to improve at all, you'd be advised to learn the difference between criticism and slander.

WooleyWorld responds:

If I wanted a novel I'd go out and buy one. :1
If you'd like to continue, we can take to the PM boxes. This is cluttering.

Otherwise, have a good evening.


2012-12-11 12:07:21

tghe gay

WooleyWorld responds:

Thanks man, I try.