Let's Plays and Animation News

2013-03-02 11:49:23 by WooleyWorld

Howdy fellows and females.

For the people who don't have the time, we're talking about:
- Let's Plays on my YouTube channel
- Upcoming animations.


I just recently started making Let's Plays which we are calling Let's Comments... because we do more commenting than we do playing. Anyone who has an interest in that kind of stuff is more than welcome to stop by my YouTube channel and enjoy the videos there. A sub wouldn't hurt ether. ;}

In animation, I'm currently working on something, titled 'Stereotypes' which might very well become a series if the reception is good. I also made an intro for FrankieonPCin1080p!! Talk about pumped about that! (It comes out sometime this week). I'm also doing a music video for the band Nuclear Bubble Wrap, called Hulkelele (Which you guys should go check out, it's really catchy). Still working on the zombie animation as well, but it's more of a side, fun thing.
Sorry to talk your ear off.

That's all thats been happening, hope to see you guys around.
Take it easy.

Let's Plays and Animation News


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2013-03-03 00:58:40

Will I subscribe to your channel, probably, depends on your sense of humor.

WooleyWorld responds:

Let's hope you enjoy it, I'm always open to suggestions if not.