Age of Empires III

2013-05-17 11:28:18 by WooleyWorld

I put an Let's Play up between animations...
This week it was Age of Empires III.
If you liked it, there's more on my channel.
Episode 5: Age of Empires III

... Our thumbnail came out sexy.

Age of Empires III


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2013-05-17 15:15:12


WooleyWorld responds:

Thanks Piper. :]


2013-05-17 16:36:54

you say age of empires III, yet that screenshot is of age of empires II

WooleyWorld responds:



2013-05-17 17:11:25

I went to play and found that my CD key was stolen and my account hijacked. Worst of all I can't replace it myself XD

WooleyWorld responds:

CD keys are the devil's work.


2013-05-18 14:17:37

That's cool Wooley, just please avoid turning into that other guy.

WooleyWorld responds:

Other guy? :]


2013-05-19 09:42:15

Age of Empires 2 is way better. ;P
You guys were pretty funny.

WooleyWorld responds:

Age of Empires II is better, but Jake can't connect to us for some reason so we had to settle.