"Hulkulele" Out Now!

2013-07-02 09:51:11 by WooleyWorld

You ever wanted to see the Hulk play the ukulele?
Well have I got something for you...



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2013-07-02 10:09:41

Nice work man! :)

(Updated ) WooleyWorld responds:

Thanks, hopefully the score picks up!


2013-07-02 11:44:06

Amazing flash ^^

WooleyWorld responds:

Good to hear. :]


2013-07-02 15:41:26

Was pretty entertaining

WooleyWorld responds:

Glad you chuckled.


2013-07-03 19:58:21

it was a wooley good job

WooleyWorld responds:

Thanks, TheoreticalGod. :]


2013-07-25 17:44:46

Her face has the shape of a really sharp pencil.

WooleyWorld responds:

I like em sharp. 0_0


2013-10-29 06:51:55

Even my Godchild loves your song - great work, man, and I'm glad you finally get your well-deserved daily 1st this week. You should have got it for the Hulkulele anyway. JMHO.

WooleyWorld responds:

Yeah Hulkulele lost first by, seriously, .07...
What's worse is Sex Hair also lost first... by .02

... It was not a good night. XD