Sex Hair II.... and stuff

2014-02-26 01:19:46 by WooleyWorld

Hey you bunch of NGers...

I'm animating Sex Hair II. So hold on to your panties.

I know a metric ton of you were waiting. *cough*

But yeah Im working on that so you guy hang tight. Got a lot of things planned and not a lot of time to execute them.

Bear with me, people.


Ok bye.

P.S. I didn't know you could link videos.. here, a throwback.



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2014-02-26 09:27:54

I don't have panties, so what am I supposed to hang on to now?

WooleyWorld responds:

... Well I wasn't planning for commando.


2014-02-26 22:57:21

Metric ton is spelled tonne.

WooleyWorld responds:



2014-02-26 23:27:28

My account is The Britain