Stuff and Things

2015-06-02 20:00:54 by WooleyWorld

Hey you bunch of NGers.

I been busy doing stuff and things so I figured I'd drop you an update.

I'm doing another Sterotype animation. A sequel to this little sweetheart.

But first I wanted to make another Age of Mythology animation. Which is like this first one... but better.

Anyway. That's what I'm up to. Follow the facebook page if you want to keep up on that.


It's coming out pretty nice. Here's something for you visual learners out there:



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2015-06-03 03:23:15

Oh boy, the Stereotype series! :D

WooleyWorld responds:

Using a greentext TMST linked me, without which it would've never happened. XP


2015-06-03 12:46:59

Im unfamiliar with the Stereotype series, so I think it's time to catch up.
On the picture: I believe some third character (unshown, due to 1st perspective from him/her) did some mischiev, which the woman pretended not to notice, while Wooley goes forward as to make an accusing look.

WooleyWorld responds:

A good guess. But I left some stuff out so there would still be surprise. :p
The Stereotype animation is in my Top 3 favourites of mine. This sequel though is in.. a whole 'nother ballpark.