Interview with WooleyWorld

2015-09-23 21:39:03 by WooleyWorld

Hey there, people.

Newgrounds just posted an interview with me.
If you're interested in reading my thoughts on animation things and getting to know where those animations you like come from...
Here you go. 

It's a bit of a read, because I wanted to be thorough. But I hope you enjoy it, those of you that take the time to read it.

Thank you kindly. Next animation out soon. 
Have a good evening.


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2015-09-24 05:15:59

Hot damn you're on a roll today!

Cool interview Wooley.

WooleyWorld responds:

My good man. THanketh thou.


2015-09-24 10:48:12

You rock! now i feel like i know EVERYTHING about you!... no, far from but anyway... reading your answers gave even more inspiration for stuff. seems like you have had quite a good time in school. And ofcourse, Tristan. What would you do without him?


2015-09-26 03:59:31

In response to recent review response: it WAS another good one, but not so good as the last one. :P

Congrats on getting interviewed! Cool stuff.


2015-09-26 11:29:02