rAge of Mythology II Animation Posted

2015-10-16 01:24:52 by WooleyWorld

Hey you bunch of filthy NGers. 
I posted this animation I've been working on for a few months now.

rAge of Mythology II

Why don't you mosy on down and give it a peek?

Let me know what you think. I appreciate the feedback more than I do a 'nice' or a 'sweet'.
And if you hated every fucking second of it... let me know in the comments so I know what you didn't like.

You triggers stay chilled.


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2015-10-16 03:36:47

It was amazing loved it from start to finish good job grant.

WooleyWorld responds:

Danke. Merci.


2015-10-16 03:59:56

CAN'T I SKIP INTOR!! The Begining a TORTURE! at END was worth it!

WooleyWorld responds:

What poetic wording.


2015-10-16 07:48:02

awesome can't wait to see it when I get home later on.

WooleyWorld responds:

Oh ho ho. Thank you. ;}