Calling All Animators

2015-10-25 11:07:57 by WooleyWorld

Hey there.

Let me start off with: I don't make anything off these animations.. so this isn't paid. So close out now if that's what you're after. My apologies for getting your dick hard.


I'm beggining my next animation soon.

If any animators out there are interested in helping, I'd be happy to have you on board for that (unless you're grossly inexperienced, in which case I'm sorry. :,1). There's a lot to be done and I am curious to see how extra hands help that along. I suppose the most work is background characters doing various things. Vague as that is.

Anyway. Message me if you are interested. If not, it's whatever.


Oh by the by, I totally forgot to say I'm using CS4 and 5... So.


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2015-10-25 12:25:32

What would be the work to get done?

WooleyWorld responds:

I have a lot of background characters. o_o


2015-10-25 12:35:35

I might be interested, Not sure how experienced you're looking for though.


2015-10-25 19:03:28

im not the best but,i can help

i use macromedia flash
but i think they are compatible

WooleyWorld responds:

I don't think they are. ;}


2015-10-26 00:55:36

Just not what i'm good at


2015-10-26 12:25:07

Too bad that i get lazy on animating. And plus i'm not that great getting the same style as yours.

But i will say this tho, just remember to have fun with others and enjoy yourself! I love to see others working with you tho! :)

WooleyWorld responds:

It will be a first. I never let others help. o_o


2015-10-26 18:54:40

I would but sadly I only have flash 8 and toon boom. Hope it goes well for you man.


2015-10-27 07:06:30

Hey dude, i would love to help, but you know me, not ready for the "big stuff" yet ;} So yea, maybe some day though. Good luck finding who you need though :)


2015-10-27 12:40:48

If you're willing to wait a month after midterms I'd be glad to help.


2015-10-27 20:58:18

Help on backgrounds, aye? Yeah, hit me up if you need a hand. :)


2015-10-28 13:38:01

I'm def on board if there's payment. If not, I could still contribute a bit.

WooleyWorld responds:

Funny story. I don't make anything off these animations. So. ;}