"Grant, why are you dead?"

2016-01-06 11:45:15 by WooleyWorld

​I'm not dead. Shush.

I've been animating this Irish animation. I want to make it a good one since i'll be getting banged sideways by school for a while. I don't know how often you'll hear from me after that...

But yes the animation is looking good and it's certainly a good couple levels above my usual. I think you guys will like it.. obviously otherwise I'd rewrite it.

I did have this little baby short I wanted to put out like the Bob Ross animation. Maybe take a couple days and knock it out. Eh. We'll see. 

Anyway. Here's some shots from the current project to get you a little randy.





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2016-01-06 13:15:27

That background.
Just beautiful!
..Oh no, I saw the clouds.

WooleyWorld responds:

I like my clouds.


2016-01-06 13:51:30

Well if anything that background looks great.
Also, it is always a pleasure seeing your character getting the crap beaten out of him, specially if he is choking on food.

WooleyWorld responds:

If you wanted o see my character get beat to fuck, this is the animation for you.


2016-01-06 16:18:00

so sexy......

Ireland...the land of....the drink


2016-01-06 16:42:24

Your name is Grant?

WooleyWorld responds:

No. Roger.


2016-01-06 18:26:33

nice to see your's still alive topah da mornen to yah!! :D


2016-01-07 01:00:56

Oh cool! I can't wait till it comes out!


2016-01-08 03:06:23

Aaaaand the amazingness just gave me an erection. Thanks alot Grant! :p *nah i'm just kidding* but you would like that wouldn't you? A great piece of art like that, being so great it can give people boners just watching it... Yea i was talking about the background, the one with you about to be beaten up is just hilarious! Hilarious but great! i am very eager to see the final result, and good luck getting through the school stuff.


2016-04-05 15:32:30

Wooleytastic!.. i mean. It looks like you will get a FrontPage for quite a while there man ;)