Lil' Autumn Update.

2016-09-13 22:55:14 by WooleyWorld

I've been a busy lad. I've been animating for the past two months, and I've gotten mostly done with an animation I hope to release in the next month. It's for Halloween, but it should be done before then.

Isywood and I threw together a story and I really dug into it, I'm quite fond of it the visuals as well as the humour.  I imagine a number of you will find it enjoyable as well. It's only got a few shots remaining and then I want to really take my time on the audio. Anyway. There you have it.

Some visual love for my visual folk:


Just a taste.


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2016-09-14 16:53:54

That's some nice mild concern in their faces bud

WooleyWorld responds:

I wanted to be very secretive with this one..


2016-09-15 19:34:01

It's gonna be one heck of a halloween this year ;D i imagine she came up with tons of crazy ideas. I'm excited to see how you two work together