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Hey guys Happy Robot Day.

Most people don't get pumped about this day but some are and I'm one of them so I made this animation for those of you who care.

"Wool E"

"Unprecedented" Out Now.

2011-07-03 09:18:19 by WooleyWorld

New animation out now to celebrate 4th of July.


Call of Duty can suck it because here comes Battlefield.
A none of that Bad Company bullshit they've been in the habit of.
I was a Battlefield man before a Call of Duty man, about time I go back to my roots.

This one looks like it is going to take a chunk out of CoD's ass.
. . . in other news.

4th of July animation is done.
I'm also waiting for ABS TOFA to kick start so I can get that underway.

Entered TOFA

2011-06-05 11:01:21 by WooleyWorld

Enlisting started a few days back and I went ahead and joined up.

I suggest all those fit do the same.
Then again you have a month to do so. . . so you know, you can chill.

Other than that, the 4th of July animation is coming along nicely. (Probably at about 95%).
And that's about all I have to report.
Here's something to hold you visual learners over. . .

Stay cool.

Entered TOFA


2011-05-26 08:53:53 by WooleyWorld

I don't get quite as excited as I do when this time of year comes around.
Now I can completely throw myself into animation. 0_o

Have a good summer, you guys.

P.S. Alice Cooper never sounded so good.

Dammit I have another fan.

2011-05-16 22:23:57 by WooleyWorld

I got a fan today. . . number 70
Thanks guys. . .

Now i can't say I got 69.


Venezuela II in progress,

2011-05-05 23:41:01 by WooleyWorld

As of right now, for those of you who care, (All 5 of you) I'm multi-tasking.

I've got Venezuela II as well as another animation in the works.
I find it pretty cool compared to staying on one project.
Get bored of one, leave for the other, come back when you lose interest in the other.
(Reminds me of my last relationship)...
*Cough* anyway...
If anyone can think of ANY cons to this way of working, do not hesitate to bring them up in a comment.

Venezuela II is coming along quite nicely and I think those who were a fan of the first (All 5 of you) ought to like it because Tristan and I have been on it for a while now.
Hope you guys like alot of music...
I've put a little something of a picture to hold over those visual learners in the crowd.

Well that's it for now.
Keeping all those who keep up kept up.
- Wooley

P.S. Heard Edd Gould of Eddsworld is having a run in with Leukaemia so let's keep the guy in our thoughts, shall we? (I'm aware i'm a month late, but still.)

Venezuela II in progress,

"Lava Lamp Blues" out now.

2011-04-11 07:16:17 by WooleyWorld

New animation :
Lava Lamp Blues
Out now. Go watch it.

.... In the animation department that is...

I would like to let you guys know that I've almost finished the first scene of Venezuela II (Only took one night)...
Also that "Lava Lamp Blues" is inching close to complete status but I want to take my time and make the animation better since that's the field that needs work.

Other than that, If I feel the need to make another short between then and Venezuela II then I will if people get restless.

But other than that, I'll just be quietly working.

Keeping those who keep up kept up.

New cartoon out as of now.

Called "The Facebook Poke War".
Go watch it now.

The Facebook Poke War