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New Minecraft animation out now!

Let me know what you guys think!

What if i told you...

2012-12-06 00:21:25 by WooleyWorld

I was very happy with the success of Din's Dance and I'm very pumped about the next animation?
Next animation out by about next week.... maybeh...

What if I told you...

2012-11-24 04:43:12 by WooleyWorld

I was in the process of making a series based off of a certain zombie survival game?
And it's due after two animations come out next month...
In the second week of December... 0_o

What if I told you...

'SugarQuest' Out now.

2012-10-31 11:48:02 by WooleyWorld

SugarQuest is out now.
It's a Halloween short for you guys. Enjoy.

Zelda II Update.

2012-10-06 10:04:03 by WooleyWorld

Howdy, NGers.

I wanted to drop an update and let you guys know:

1. There's a new Zelda video I'm making, Zelda II: Din's Dance.
2. I'll be getting voices from Jaxxy and RicePirate, both of which have come out extremely well.
3. ... I'm getting back to animating.
4. So bye.

For you visually learner, a picture.
For all the Woolers out there, stay fuzzy.

Zelda II Update.

"Zelda: Fairy Flying" Animation Out Now.

2012-06-22 08:25:39 by WooleyWorld

I just put out a new animation, after being resurrected for being away so long...

Well I'm back now and here's a new animation. Enjoy!
"Zelda: Flying Fairy"

Oh and it's my birthday today, so that's good. :]

"Zelda: Fairy Flying" Animation Out Now.

Chyea... so I'm working on Facebook Poke War II for those 4 of you who are keeping track.

I have not posted anything since October... or something like that. (I can hear some of you cheering for that in the back).
Well now I'm back on track and I actually want to work on Poke War II... So I'll jump on that when I get off for Christmas...
Then Venezuela II... and that should take a stretch of time to do...
I'll make a little something for Valentines Day because I have a little something 7 or 8 of you might MIGHT chuckle at...

I took November off for those geniuses out there who are trying to figure it out. :P
I have a feeling you guys will enjoy the improvements I've made in animation and the way these new animations are going to come out.

Thanks to the 94 of you who put me on your favorites list... 6 from 100. (I can add :p)
When it gets to 100, If I figure out who the 100th is I'll do something for them. (Non sexual 0_o)
Probably draw something... Because I know you'll be thrilled with that treasure *Cough*.

"Enough chit chat" say the visual learners...
Well here you go, visual learners. Picture.

Now leave me some classy comments, or... as classy as you NGers can put out. :]

P.S. Damn that's a lot of writing.

The Facebook Poke War II News

Round 2 submission up.

2011-08-30 17:02:02 by WooleyWorld

Hit that up right there.
Wooley's Worst Date Ever

Round 2 submission for TOFA.

Update for August

2011-08-28 20:46:48 by WooleyWorld

Reckon I'll get workin on one of three things...

Venezuela II
Poke War II
Halloween Special


So yeah, that's August... ends in like 3 days... so That's September too.

So they stuck my stuff on YouTube...

2011-08-15 18:16:29 by WooleyWorld

I've stumbled upon some ripped off videos of mine on YouTube...
And I must say that I'm utterly and deeply. . . .

Glad that the guy who did it actually put full credit and a link.
You little thieves and your stealing make me so proud. :]

In other news I am in ABS TOFA 2011.
Made it to Round 2.
... ends next monday.

I guess if I get some more requests for Poke War 2, I'll make a better one and put it out.
I keep getting requests for it so I figured people might like a sequel...

That's all I got though... back to animating...
Stay Fuzzy.

(And now, to tie you visual learners over, a picture)

So they stuck my stuff on YouTube...