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Stuff and Things

2015-06-02 20:00:54 by WooleyWorld

Hey you bunch of NGers.

I been busy doing stuff and things so I figured I'd drop you an update.

I'm doing another Sterotype animation. A sequel to this little sweetheart.

But first I wanted to make another Age of Mythology animation. Which is like this first one... but better.

Anyway. That's what I'm up to. Follow the facebook page if you want to keep up on that.


It's coming out pretty nice. Here's something for you visual learners out there:


Hey guys I made an Age of Mythology animation. You can find the link below.

rAge of Mythology

Check it out and tell me what you think.

Avatar animation Out Now

2015-04-05 09:59:27 by WooleyWorld

Avatar: The Last Hairbender is out now.

Head over there and tell me what you make of it. Can you find the Easter Eggs (no pun intended)...

(also the youtube version... if you've got something against flash)


Updates Updates.

2015-03-18 10:49:44 by WooleyWorld

Hey guys and girls.

It occurred to me that you guys haven't gotten an update in a while and you may not know what's up.

I'm done with and aniamtion (Im waiting to release it until after this current project) and I am alllmost done with said current project. Sorry it's been taking forever. I just got out of the hospital and the past few months have been keeping me busy health-wise. 

But things will be out soon and I' starting on Sex Hair III afterwards. So there's good news.

Let me know what you guys think about that, if your're interested in another Sex Hair.

EDIT: Hey guys. A link to where I stream so you can keep up.


Thank you kindly. Have a good day, hm?

Animating Animating.

2015-01-10 03:28:00 by WooleyWorld

I figured I'd make a post.
I'm making an animation currently. It looks a lot better than my usual, drawing and animation-wise. It's very exciting.  I'm sure a number of you are going to enjoy it, the humour is right right up your alley.


(Here's a little something from the animation for the visual learners out there.)


I lost track of how far along I was on the animation, but then I noticed I was through a chunk of it so it shouldn't be too much longer. I don't mind taking my time these days because the animation ends up looking better that way.

You NGers have a good one.


P.S. I'm doing a QnA video on YouTube. So if you have a question to be answered, ask it here.

.... or here



"Yoshi's WoollyWorld" Out Now.

2014-07-15 09:56:45 by WooleyWorld

I made this little something for you bunch of sexy beasts...

Feedback is always nice..

"Yoshi's WoollyWorld"

aka "Jogging Simulator 2014:The Movie"

Give it a look and tell me what you think.

DayZ: Marathon Man

And also a Youtube version if you like a higher quality.


You guys take it easy.

Sex Hair II.... and stuff

2014-02-26 01:19:46 by WooleyWorld

Hey you bunch of NGers...

I'm animating Sex Hair II. So hold on to your panties.

I know a metric ton of you were waiting. *cough*

But yeah Im working on that so you guy hang tight. Got a lot of things planned and not a lot of time to execute them.

Bear with me, people.


Ok bye.

P.S. I didn't know you could link videos.. here, a throwback.


Hey fellows and females.

I put a new animation out. "DayZ: Elektro Disco".

You should go check that shit, tell me what you think.

Sup guys.

Almost done with DayZ Ep. 1...
Sex Hair II is shortly after.
So hang in there.
I have like 3 mini mini shorts planned for January as well... they'll take like a weekend each to do.

K... that's it. Everyone go home.

DayZ, Sex Hair II, and all that jive...